in March of 2014 TENDE RLOIN published its first chapbook:

BEGLESS by William Burke. You can purchase your own copy

at our new Etsy store.

This is a hand sewn, 5"x5" chapbook with letterpress cover by

Blackbird Letterpress.



into porn.


yr face bleeds

like a


Praise for Begless

Is an active space of physical and intellectual inquiry

Is literally in “yr face”

Is happening against a background of torture

Is a space repeatedly carved out of the obdurate inaction of English, the history of power we call “grammar” or “syntax” or “meaning”

Is happening in or is part of the permanent war “like an advertisement”

Is about the first and second person “what was going / to go wrong”

Is moving reference around

(Is “O” an interjection or a character from Famous French Literature?)

Is punny

“iskin. / upward. / Into porn.”

Is to be read over and over